How to Make Smart MMA Betting

MMA betting isn’t just a shot in the dark – it can be a strategic endeavor based on data and analysis. It also requires understanding the odds, researching fighters and managing your bankroll wisely. Read on to learn more about how to make smart MMA wagers.

Moneyline bets: The simplest bet type in MMA is the moneyline, which asks punters to select which fighter they think will win a particular fight. The odds for each fighter are displayed on a betting board and are expressed in plus and minus values. Those with positive numbers are expected to win and offer lower payouts, while those with negative numbers are considered underdogs and carry higher risk.

Method of victory: Bettors can place bets on which fighter they believe will win a specific bout by KO, submission or decision. Often, these bets are based on the fighter’s previous performances and records against opponents with similar styles. It’s also a good idea to research fighters’ fight camps and training, as this can help you gauge their preparation for a particular fight. For example, if you notice a fighter has been picking up minor injuries in their camp then they may be less prepared for the fight and not likely to win.

Over/Under bets: This wager type asks punters to predict whether a particular fight will end within or over a set amount of rounds. This can be a great way to increase the thrill of watching a fight, while also potentially winning some extra cash. However, it’s important to note that the over/under bets are not always accurate predictions and can fluctuate based on how the action unfolds.

In-play MMA betting: The most exciting and lucrative way to bet on a fight is through in-play betting, which allows punters to place bets as the fight is happening. This allows punters to watch the action inside the cage and makes placing bets much easier than pre-fight betting. However, punters should remember that live odds are determined by algorithms and live traders who sometimes fail to take into account technical aspects that keen MMA bettors can pick up on.

Parlays: These bets combine multiple bets into a single wager for the potential to earn a larger payout. However, it is crucial to note that all selections in a parlay must win for you to be paid out. Parlays are not ideal for beginners, and you should be aware of the risks involved in them before making a parlay bet.

Mma prop bets: Mma prop bets are exotic wagers on occurrences and non-occurrences not directly affecting a fight’s final outcome. These include Round Bets, Method of Victory, and the FOTN. A Push in a bet means that neither fighter was crowned the winner, and your stake is returned to you. A Majority Decision is when a fighter wins more points on 2 of the judges’ scorecards, but loses to his opponent by one point. A Draw is when a fighter scores the same number of points on both scorecards, and a Split Decision is when each judge declares a different winner.

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